Company Profile

While Precast Concrete technology had been developed in Europe and the United States of America a long time ago, it was not used in the United Arab Emirates till 1975. This was when Al Meraikhi General Contracting Company realized that there was a high demand for an advanced industrial production of building components that could ensure higher efficiency, better value and quality. Since then, Al Meraikhi General Contracting Company, later Al Meraikhi Industrial Complex, has excelled in developing cost and time effective Precast Concrete construction techniques through innovation and sophisticated resources in management, design, construction, quality assurance and quality control capabilities.

Highly experienced and qualified staff, through progressive application of the advanced design and production techniques, continuously extends the pioneering and leading role of Al Meraikhi Industrial Complex today. New innovative design solutions and products are continuously enlarging the already wide range of Precast Concrete capabilities. The follow-up with the world leading technologies is backed up by membership of the American Concrete Institute (ACI), Precast Concrete Institute (PCI) and Glass Reinforced Cement Association (GRCA).

Today, Al Meraikhi Industrial Complex is able to offer the most complex architectural and engineering solutions for the most demanding Client’s and Designer’s conditions and to maintain its leadership as the Gulf leader in Precast Concrete /Prestressed technology. Our customers can maximize their project value by obtaining the highest level of know-how and all types of Precast Concrete products from a single contractor.

The Company’s Quality Management System has been recognized and registered to the ISO 9001 standard in year 1996 by the accreditation bodies of the Great Britain, USA and France, being the first construction company in the Gulf region to be certified to ISO 9001 for design and manufacturing. ISO 9001:2000 Certificate was obtained in 2004.