Prestressed Concrete

Structural Precast Concrete Elements ensure timely completion of “Fast-Track” projects such as parking structures, cinemas, shopping malls and multistory buildings due to repetitiveness and similarities in the type of Precast Concrete elements. However, the quality of the works is maintained at the very high level due to the controlled production procedures in the Factory.

Architectural Precast Concrete Elements with decorative finishes achieve the desired shape, texture and color required by the architects, while keeping the general appearance of the structure in harmony with its surrounding environment. With the variety of the materials, finishes, decorative patterns and colors applicable in our manufacturing process, we have answers for the most exclusive architectural requirements.

Miscellaneous items are mostly related to infrastructure works (manholes, traffic barriers, curb stones, tree grates, and culverts) due to the convenience of installing these items as a ready made at sites usually remote and with tight construction schedules. Besides, these items ensure good quality and nice appearance, especially for road projects and beautifications

Also, Al Meraikhi has devised other innovations such as GRP moulds/forms for the construction of Precast Concrete structure & architecture units as well as abutments, wing walls and piers of major bridge projects.

The various types of Precast Concrete elements produced by Al Meraikhi have been widely used throughout the territory of the United Arab Emirates & Qatar in commercial and residential high-rise buildings, villas, schools, hotels, hospitals, power stations, shopping centers, cinemas, police stations, mosques, parking structures, roads, bridges, tunnels, jetties and beautification projects such as fountains seawalls and electricity substations.
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